How To Gift Wrap A Book

How To Gift Wrap A Book With Two Best Methods

As you know, wrapping presents for friends and family can be a stressful experience. You’re trying to be thoughtful without ruining the experience for your loved ones. This can feel like a never-ending, uphill battle. But you can do it. You can wrap a perfect present for everyone on your list. And you don’t have to be a pro to do it. With my guide, you’ll learn how to put your skills to work in a creative and stress-free manner.

Are you tired of giving plain, boring gifts? Let’s take my guide and learn how to wrap a book like a pro! Whether you’re presenting a beloved classic or the latest bestseller, the right wrapping can make all the difference.

 So, grab your paper, scissors, and tape, and let’s get started on turning that ordinary book into an extraordinary gift. We’ve found some of the best gift wrapping ideas for booklovers and lovers of the written word.

I’m going to share some of my favorite books wrapping techniques. This is a wonderful gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays.

Method 1.

Wrapping the Book in Wrapping Paper:

Step 1. Preparing the book and wrapping materials:

Preparing the book and wrapping materials

Before you start wrapping, gather all the materials you will need. This includes a book, tissue paper, wrapping paper, and tape.

  • A book: This is the item you will be wrapping and giving as a gift.
  • Tissue paper: This is a thin, translucent paper that is often used to protect and cushion items when they are being wrapped. It can be placed inside the wrapping paper to provide extra protection for the book.
  • Wrapping paper: This is the paper that will be used to wrap the book. It should be large enough to completely cover the book and have enough excess paper to fold and tape shut.
  • Tape: This is used to secure the wrapping paper in place and keep it from opening. You will need a roll of tape to attach the ends of the wrapping paper together and to reinforce any weak spots.

Step 2. Cutting the wrapping paper:

Cutting the wrapping paper
Cutting the wrapping paper

In this step you have to cut the wrapping paper. Measure the length and width of the book. Add a few inches to each measurement to allow for enough excess paper to fold over the edges of the book. Roll out enough wrapping paper to cover the book and cut a straight line across it using a ruler and a cutting tool, such as scissors or a craft knife.

Step 3. Covering the book with wrapping paper:

Now you have to cover the book with wrapping paper. Place the book on top of the wrapping paper, positioning it near the center. Bring the sides of the paper up and over the book, and tape them down to create a “sleeve” around the book. This will help hold the book in place while you finish wrapping it.

Step 4. Creating a triangle at one end:

Creating a triangle at one end

To create a triangle at one end of the wrapped book, fold in both sides of the end. This will help you to create a neat and tidy finish. It will also make it easier to fold the end over and tape it down.

Step 5. Finishing the wrapping:

Finishing the wrapping
Finishing the wrapping

Once you have created the triangle, fold the end over and tape it down to complete the wrapping process. You can use decorative ribbon or a bow to add a finishing touch to your wrapped book. Be sure to use enough tape to secure the wrapping in place. But try not to overdo it. As too much tape can be difficult to remove and may damage the book or the wrapping paper.

Method 2:

Getting Creative with Book Wrapping:

Step 1. Incorporate text into the wrapping paper to hint that it’s a book:

This step involves adding words or phrases related to the book or its theme to the wrapping paper. For example, if the book is a mystery novel, you could include phrases like “Who done it?” or “Mystery inside” on the wrapping paper. This will give the receiver a clue that the gift is a book and might even give them a hint about what it’s about.

Step 2. Use paper that matches the book’s theme to reveal what it’s about:

In this step, you have to select wrapping paper that reflects the theme or genre of the book. For example, if the book is a romance novel, you could choose wrapping paper with a heart or flower design. If the book is a science fiction novel, you could choose wrapping paper with a futuristic or space-themed design. This will give the recipient a visual clue about the book’s theme. It also helps them guess what it might be about.

Step 3. Tape the first paragraph to the wrapping paper to spark interest:

This step involves attaching a snippet of the book’s first paragraph (or a short excerpt from elsewhere in the book) to the wrapping paper. This can be done using a piece of tape or a sticker. The idea is to give the recipient a taste of what the book is about and pique their interest in reading it. This can be especially effective if the first paragraph of the book is particularly compelling or intriguing.

What is the benefit of gifting?

Gifting can have many benefits for both the giver and the recipient. Some of the main benefits of gifting include:

  • Strengthening relationships: Gifts can be a way to show love, appreciation, and thoughtfulness to others, and this can help to strengthen relationships and build deeper connections.
  • Bringing joy and happiness: Both giving and receiving gifts can bring joy and happiness to people. The act of giving a gift can bring feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment, while receiving a gift can bring feelings of surprise, excitement, and appreciation.
  • Showing appreciation: Gifts are often given as a way to show appreciation for someone or something. For example, you may give a gift to a loved one to show your appreciation for their presence in your life, or you may give a gift to a colleague to show your appreciation for their hard work.
  • Serving a useful purpose: Gifts can also have a practical value and serve a useful purpose for the recipient. For example, a gift of a new tool or appliance can be a useful and appreciated gift for someone who values practicality.


How do you make gift wrap look expensive?

To make gift wrap look expensive, choose high-quality wrapping paper, use coordinating elements such as ribbon and bows, pay attention to detail by wrapping the gift neatly and securely, add finishing touches like a sprig of greenery or a handwritten note, and experiment with different wrapping techniques like furoshiki or the French method of gift wrapping.

Should books be wrapped?

In my thoughts books should wrap. Wrapping a book can add an extra touch of thoughtfulness. It makes the gift feel more special. It can also help to keep the contents of a gift a surprise until it is opened.


Wrapping a book is a simple but important skill to have. Thanks for reading this post on how to wrap a book. Whether you’re an avid reader or just looking to give a book as a gift, I hope you’ve learned some useful tips and tricks for keeping your books in great condition.