How To Gift Wrap A Cylinder

How To Gift Wrap A Cylinder With Two Best Methods

Giving and receiving gifts is fun and meaningful. You can give gifts to friends, family, and loved ones. There are many different kinds of gift ideas that you can use to give to people. You can give something that has sentimental value, something that can make a person smile, something that is useful, or something that is very practical. It doesn’t matter what kind of gift you decide to give because everyone likes to receive something.

When it comes to gifting, we’re all about wrapping things up beautifully. But we are also aware that sometimes a present may not be wrapped in the manner you would prefer. Because of this we have a part of our website specifically dedicated to gift wrapping.

In this post, I’m going to discuss a unique method of gift wrapping called cylinder wrapping. A gift wrapped in a cylinder shape is one of the most beautiful gifts to receive. It has a really distinctive appearance. You can get the cylinder shaped gift wrapping paper in different designs.

You need to be careful about wrapping. If you make mistakes, you can end up tearing the paper. But if you wrap it right, you’ll have an easy time putting the present together. If you aren’t good at wrapping, I am here to guide you properly. Keep reading my post, it will help you to learn all about how to gift wrap a cylinder.

How to gift wrap a cylinder?

First thing that is important to keep in mind that you don’t need a lot of experience to be able to wrap cylindrical gifts beautifully. It’s not necessary for you to be an expert. However, what matters most is that you have the creativity to create a unique design.

There are loads of options. You can make use of ribbon, string, or paper. You can make different patterns with them. In fact, it doesn’t really matter what materials you use. You can even use different colors. It doesn’t matter what color you use. It just depends on how you want to decorate your cylinder gifts.

Let’s get started with some of the greatest ways to wrap cylindrical gifts. I’ll share with you my two favorite techniques. I love these two methods. These techniques give my present a more polished appearance, and everyone enjoys the way I package the gift.

Method 1: Using a Fan Fold

I love to wrap my gift in Fan fold method. Wrapping presents in The Fan Fold style is easy to do. Just follow the steps and instructions below.

1. Measure and cut the paper

Measure and cut the paper

The first step to wrapping a cylinder gift is to Measure and cut the paper. When you wrap a gift, you can measure the paper in order to figure out how much of it you need. Place the gift on the paper and make sure that it is large enough to go around the entire circumference of the gift. Use scissors to cut the paper. Cut the paper so that there is about a ½ inch of overlap. Pull the paper up on each side so that the overlap is inside.

Pro tip: Cut the extra paper to cover the gift. Make sure that the paper is large enough to cover the entire gift. This can prevent the paper from getting damaged and torn.

2. Wrap the cylinder in the paper:

Wrap the cylinder in the paper

Now, you are ready to put the gift into the middle. Place the gift inside the paper and make sure it is centered. To do that, you need to slide gift into the center. Then, use your hands to gently smooth the paper into a cylinder shape. When you fold the paper around the cylinder, the crease should be along the bottom edge of the paper. Be sure to fold the paper in half along the long side before reopening it. After that, you should fold the top edge down to meet the bottom edge and then fold it back up again. Repeat this until you have folded all of the edges over one another. When you have folded the paper around the cylinder, you should fold the excess paper over the outside of the cylinder.

Pro tip: Remember that the gift should not be wrapped too tight. The wrapping should be loose enough to allow the gift to sit flat.

3. Your finger can be used to make pleats:

Your finger can be used to make pleats

To wrap a gift in The Fan Fold style, you will use your hands to make pleats in the paper. Start wrapping by using the first pleat on one side and wrap around the gift. The wrapping paper’s edge should be taken and folded into the middle. With one finger, secure the piece; with the other, hold the paper’s edge and bring it toward the middle. You start pleating the gift at this point. When making the pleats, be careful not to press too hard because doing so could result in paper creases. Make sure to first tuck the end of the paper on one side so it doesn’t unravel. Keep going until you get to the end with other side with same process.

Pro tip: Must learn finger technique. Almost anything may be pleated using this finger technique, including tablecloths, curtains, bedding, and apparel. You can wrap practically anything if you can pleat a piece of fabric using this technique.

4. Remove or hide any imperfection:

Remove or hide any imperfection 1

After you have finished wrapping the gift, you need to remove any imperfections that might be there. For example, if the paper is wrinkled or has some spots, you can use tape to fix it. You could use double-sided tape or regular tape. Make sure that there is no imperfection that is visible when the wrapping paper is opened. Another option is to use a piece of colored paper. Then, use it to cover up any fault.

Pro tip: Remember that you don’t have to use lots of tape to make your gift wrapping look nice.

5. Add a bow and/or ribbon to finalize:

Add a bow andor ribbon to finalize

The last thing you need to do is add a ribbon or a bow to your gift. You can add a bow on top of the cylinder if you wish. Then, you can put the ribbon on top of it. This will look really nice.

Pro tip: If you wish, you can attach a card to the ribbon or bow.

Method 2: Candy-Twist Fold

It makes me feel good when others like my wrapping style. I like giving gifts wrapped in Candy-Twist Fold because it is more beautiful and interesting.

1. The paper should be cut to size:

To wrap a present in candy-twist fold style, you must first select the appropriate size of paper. Cut the wrapping paper to the size that you want. It doesn’t have to be perfectly even, just try to make sure that there is an even amount on both sides.

Pro tip: I advise you to have more paper than you need, and you can trim it off later if there is any extra paper.

2. cover the cylinder with paper:

After you cut the paper to the right size, you need to fold the paper in half. You should fold the paper so that the bottom edge meets the top edge and make a circle wrapping with the each other. You should continue folding the paper until you end up with a cylinder. To finish the wrapping, put a tape around the edge of the paper. When you roll the paper into a cylinder, you need to use your thumb to smooth the edge of the paper so that it doesn’t become frayed or loose.

Pro tip: Make sure that you cover the entire object with wrapping paper. And be careful not to rip the wrapping paper.

3. Twist both ends of the paper:

The next step is to twist both ends of the paper. Make sure that you twist both ends of the paper. Next, cut a strip of tape and put it around the twisted end of the paper to secure it in place. When you are wrapping the ends, try to make them look like candy. You can roll up the paper in the candy-twist fold. You don’t need anything special to wrap a candy.

Pro tip: For gifts that don’t need to stand upright but can be arranged horizontally, twisting technique works best.

4. Use ribbon to tie the ends:

Make sure that the ribbon is tied at the both ends of the gift. If you want to add a bow to the gift, use the same technique that we used earlier. It will look more attractive this way.

Pro tip: For a more impressive gift, you can use multi colors.


If you wrap the gift in The Fan Fold style or Candy-Twist Fold style, the final presentation will be more attractive. The Fan Fold style and The Candy-Twist fold are a really neat gift wrapping techniques. These methods really easy to do and they look really good. These methods have been used by professionals for a long time. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

In my opinion, you could use them as gifts for birthdays or Christmas, and it would be enjoyable. You should do these to wrap any gift you make. These a very effective gift wrapping techniques.


How do you wrap a cylinder bottle as a gift?

You can use fan fold method. You can use a piece of fabric or paper to wrap a cylinder bottle as a gift. First, cut a piece of paper to fit the circumference of the bottle. Then, cut a slit from top to bottom on the side of the paper. Fold the paper along the cut line, and tie a knot to close the slit.

How do you wrap cylinder gift in a unique way?

You can make your own gift wrap using a lot of supplies like newspaper, tape, and ribbon, but I think it’s better to go with candy twist or fan fold option. It is a great way to make sure that the receiver appreciates the gift, and it also gives you a good chance to add a personal message to it.

How do you make gift wrap look expensive?

Gift wrap looks expensive if it’s made of silk or fine paper, or if it has a luxurious ribbon around it. Simply add a few ornamental accessories, such as a fancy bow or a beautiful pin, good quality paper sheet and many more.


Some people have a hard time wrapping cylinder-shaped gifts. This is because they don’t know where to start. That’s why I write this article. A good gift wrapping can be difficult, but not impossible. And here are two techniques and lot of tips on how to make it perfect. If you use these methods share your experience with me. Share your opinions in comment section. Thank you.